Connecting with the Land

Within the last decade, London has shown an increasing number of people wanting to meditate, slow down and tune into the nature. One view could be, that the land is actually speaking to us, calling us to take stock of ourselves, and what we are creating through our day to day living and thought patterns. 

What better way to connect with this Ancient British Soil, than to meet up with other like minded souls through this magical dance of nature and the universe around us. British Ancient knowledge can be found in Druidism, an ancient magical tradition of this land, whose 3 foundations really resonate with us. They are Creativity, Love (for all Nature and Community) and Wisdom \|/ The blessed trinity. 

At Moonpsycles we feel compelled to create loving communities and encourage people to connect with nature, including each other. The world is all pretty crazy right now, and as we humans know, we can get very stuck in our heads. We have a way to harness ourselves to Mother Earth in this energetic tsunami happening right now, and it's by following the cycles of the Moon.

Since 2020 we have moved our groups online and now connect with people worldwide! We hold space every week and offer meditations, healings, sharing circles and different activities designed to work with the current astrological mood. 

We encourage a love of each other by fostering the magic of relationship and community, and above all a Our spirituality is very much rooted in nature and is in full engagement with the world around us as it evolves... Blessed be to all.