We are a funny little duo who like to keep the spiritual work light and down to earth.

We are one Modern Witch and one Sound Shaman.

The idea is to have a community that allows people to flow with their true nature.

We meet at an indoor venue in Hackney activated each week using DIVINE I AM light grids which we fill with love, laughter and a pick n mix of healing activities/practice.

We bring a mixture of different cultural traditions because we believe that in the age of Aquarius, Spirituality should not be confined to rules. We must do whatever feels right for us individually, and what makes us smile!

We do not claim to be masters in any of the exercises we incorporate, we are only the masters of ourselves.

We host 2 types of group which happen at 7pm every Tuesday and alternate.

There is a group for women only which is designed to flow with current astrological influences to compliment planetary moods. Activities will quite often involve intuitive sound, so please feel free to bring instruments. Also witchy magic making and meditation.

The other group is focused on inner child healing and is open to everyone, any age, faith, gender, species! Inner child work is in our opinion the best work you can do for yourself. The meditation is designed to help you meet aspects of your wounded child, and there will be time to discuss and share, and all importantly... PLAY!

We hold groups because we like people, people are nice! So we want our groups to be available for everyone, not just those who can afford it. However, an energy exchange of cash, whatever you can spare, would be greatly appreciated by the building and its caretakers.