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Equinox Ancestral Healing

Today is a Powerful Healing day.. Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Autumn Equinox in the Southern. I am at this moment in the southern part of the world, doing much needed healing of wounds through my ancestral bloodline. Releasing old patterns of Fear, Anger and Grief which many adults on this planet carry. It doesn't matter where you are who you are along your sacred journey, this is a powerful time for us ALL collectively to LET OUR SHIT GO!!!!!!! Then consciously move on to a New way of being that doesn't carry the past. This is the only logical step forward left for us to take as a species. So on this day find your favourite quiet spot and spend 10min to find your spirit and say out loud or in your head, all the negative emotional feelings you would like to finally let go of in your experiences and especially in your family line.. Doing these kind of prayers or meditations on days like this help to amplify things and encourage them to naturally move to the next step of our personal And in our collective growth. This is a time for Big release and New beginnings. Its simple, it's fun, and it's only 10mins Yay!

Below is an image of the Sacred site for my Ancestral healing taking place on this Sacred land of South Africa. The Equinox energies are intense this year. A perfect time to do this work. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to put these old patterns of negative behaviour to rest once and for all鉁煓忦煆解湪Healing Magic in progress.. hahaha!! Abracadabra my friends.. With My Word I Create. HAPPY SPRING AND AUTUMN EQUINOX PEOPLE. Blessings and Bracelets my friends... 鉁煓忦煆解湪馃實馃挩馃敟



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