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London Ley Lines

I love books 📚 When I buy them, I don't always read them immediately, I just seem to get drawn to them.

I bought the book "London's Ley Lines - Pathways of Enlightenment" by Christopher E.Street last year and recently had a nose through to see if there are any sacred spots nearby my home that would be worth a look.

So what are Ley Lines? One of the ideas put forward to explain the function of Leys in this book is the term spirit paths. In Irish legend, our ancestors, the Celts, associated these ways with paths used by faeries and other little folk, flying between magical mounds and otherworldly locations. It is also said that the Earth spirit herself exists within the energy presence along these pathways.

Many London alignments have a distinctly feminine presence to their energy. The "Mary Line" is one of the most obvious and it's main mark points are a series of very ancient churches, all with a dedication to St.Mary.

So it turns out I live just around the corner from "The Shrine of Our Lady of Willesden", our lady in this case being Mary Magdalene. This beautiful little church has stood here since 938 when the area was open pastures, and it is said that holy water flows beneath the building. (Interesting fact - The name Willesden is recorded as Welles Dun in the Domesday Book)

I have now visited this small parish church a few times now and I have to say I absolutely love it! I have never been religious, and strongly disagree with placing one human above another. Therefore I knew that once I met the community and Vicar, I would know whether I would feel ok frequenting this spot. I am happy to say they are a lovely welcoming bunch and the energy in that building has the most serene and comforting qualities. Well worth a visit.

Shrine of Our Lady of Willesden