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Sacred Cheese Sandwiches

It might L👀K slightly crazy burying a cheese and pickle roll ..... but with faith, love and respect, something magical may grow.

Yesterday I went to an ancestral healing workshop at the London College of Psychic Studies with Jez Hughes, who is a practicing British shaman. He has lived and trained with various indigenous communities over the years and now creates heart felt rituals and ceremonies to help heal the wounds of our ancient land of Albion. The western world has experienced an overload of pain and increasing distance from nature and spirituality in the last few centuries. The land and all of its inhabitants are now crying out to be healed 🥀 As part of the ritual performed yesterday, I was asked to bring some food to share with my ancestors. Susan smith will remember how every Wednesday, her mum would come round to get her hair done and always enjoy a crusty white roll with cheese and pickle (piccalilli to be precise). During the ceremony, the roll was offered and psychic messages were received. With a bite (and the support of the spirit guides) We have excepted the commitment to help heal the wounds of this beautiful land of Albion. After a massive release of tears for the collective sadness and laughter of planting a magical cheese roll this morning (oh how life has changed!), I feel a new sense of hope for our future amidst the media chaos out there. I believe that in this modern world that you can be free to have faith in whatever makes your soul happy, and that nature is our true temple of worship. In respectful memory of Marjorie White/Peters I also planted a rowan tree kindly donated by the woodland trust, as an offering to the North London soil, with loving blessings, and heartfelt prayers, AWEN.