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Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator Training...Part 1

At the end of April 2017 I completed a course designed by Vaz Sriharan (founder of London College of Spirituality) which enables me to facilitate Divine I AM Transmissions.

What are Transmissions?

Transmission Facilitation is a relatively new form of Energy Healing Transformation, yet is has very ancient mystical roots!

It involves the channelling of energies into an open space (a room for example) directly from the source that is being accessed - through INTENTION, VOICE, SOUND. This in comparison to other modern day Healing requires consciously channelling without specific use of the channel's physical body. Transmissions are incredibly powerful as they accelerate transformation and allow for quantum leaps in personal and collective growth. Transmissions work through all layers of the Auric Body - Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Energetic (spiritual).

This 2 Day training course was attended by myself and 7 others. Each of us came from a completely different path and buzzed with our own very unique vibrational energy, but as a group we quickly formed a solid bond and deep soul connections immediately and continued to grow stronger throughout the weekend.

We were all attuned and trained to use The Divine I AM Transmission Model which is an open, intuitive and structured system using Light Grids.

These grids allow the channel to connect with:

-Gaia (Mother Earth)

-Planetary Grid (Christ Consciousness Grid)

-Soul (Divine I Am Presence)

This model allows each of us to unlock our own ancient talents, and intuitively evolve with practice into a system that is uniquely our own.

What is Channelling?

To Channel is to FOCUS. Much like a river that is harnessed towards a specific direction, a channeller focuses Higher Energies (Frequencies of Light, Codes, Wisdoms, Unconditional Love) towards a specific intention for clearing and activation.

Since receiving this training, I have been experimenting with the Light Grids and practising my ability to channel energy. In fact, I was so excited to use my new skill I might have burnt myself out slightly in the first week! I have been using the Light Grids in a variety of ways, for Energy Healing (distant and near), feeding Light Codes to Mother Earth's Core through local Ley Lines, cleansing buildings, and to set up space for our previous Moon Circle Group. I must admit, instead of prepping for the evening, I opened myself up as a channel and let source energy flow through me. Unsurprisingly, it was our best group yet!

I will continue to experiment with this beautiful method of cleansing and healing, and come back to this blog with my findings... Divine I AM

...Part 2.